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Nov 112011
 Newer challenges will lead to the revision of Delhi Master Plan 2012 next year

The Master Plan of Delhi-2021, implemented in 2007, is going to be revised next year taking into account the possible urban growth in future and the “ground reality”, including the fate of markets existing in the capital for several years.

“The process for changes in Master Plan of Delhi is already on as there are provisions in the MPD to review it after five years. My view is that it should take into consideration the ground reality before the finalisation,” Urban Development Minister, Mr Kamal Nath said, while inaugurating the first automated car park here.

The Master Plan Delhi-2021 was implemented in February 2007.

Mr Nath said there were markets which are existing for long which cannot be done away with. “Those markets which are existing since last 40 or 50 years… it is wrong for any Master Plan to describe that these markets cannot exist,” he said.

Besides, the National Capital Territory of Delhi Laws (Special provision) Act, known as Delhi Special Laws, is also to be extended next year to prevent demolition of several residential and commercial establishments in the capital.

Referring to the Delhi Special Laws, he said, “The government would extend it further.” Delhi Special Laws enacted in 2008, was extended in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Slamming the present MPD, the Minister said, “If the Master Plan had been correctly made, then those illegal constructions in the last 50 years would not have been there.”

Advocating changes in the Master Plan, Mr Nath said, “Because it involves livelihood of people, there should be efforts to prepare a good Master Plan taking into account of people’s concern. Today we have to take into consideration the burden of increased population, rapid development. Unless we look into these developments then it (MPD) would be a futile exercise.”

On the issue of sealing Gaffar Market in Karol Bagh, he said, “There are two issues. One is safety and another is those who have made illegal construction in the last five years. There are certain norms to be followed to prevent mishap in market places. If those shops do not meet these norms then it would not be allowed to come up.”
Games village flats

Mr Nath also said the matter of regularisation of Games Village flats is being considered.

“Whatever can be compounded will be compounded but there are flats which have exceeded the compounding limit so a decision has to be taken on the issue by discussing with all concerned,” he said.

He said NDMC has plans to construct more modern parking lots in the capital.

“They are planning to construct at many places including Kasturba Gandhi Marg and Baba Kharag Singh Marg. We are also ready to give them land for constructing an automated parking lot at Khan market.”

Acknowledging the parking problems at Metro stations, the Minister said, “We have directed the DMRC to give priority to parking lots at each Metro station.”

Mr Nath also came in support of Delhi government’s MCD trifurcation plan. “MCD is a big corporation and it should be divided into small units so that it would benefit the public.”

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